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To Anonymity

Well .. come to think of it.. what is a preconceived notion is that one longs for a distinct identity. One wants recognition. But then there are times the same one wants to be in the shadows, to be unknown, to be the external force, the invisible propeller. Thus, two conflicting notions, one of Identity(with the capital I) and the other of the anon.

What is the extent and scope of anonymity? That my friend, is my limitation. My lack of knowledge prevents me to answer. But vaguely put I would like to express that anonymity is desired more than identity. You can be anything you want to be… well almost anything.  Anonymity is amorphous… fluid… and thus desired.

it is that invisibility cloak wearing which one can express all they desire without fear. Fear on the other hand limits human actions , thinking and rational. It is fear which commands. It is fear which commands obeisance, submission.

 One of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem began with the words “Where the Mind is without fear. and the head is held high…” But that to me is an idealistic notion. The Mind cannot be without fear. Fear is the driving force. Fear  is the fuel to imagination. Fear is a necessary evil.

A break to all this is the privilege of being anonymous.  anonymity is not to be exercised by a particular class. It does not restrict itself to a certain method or medium. it is dependent on how innovative is the person making use of it. it entirely depends on the creative streak present in that person.

Enough said.  Identity and Anonymity are conficting yet converging, the element of fear inherent in them.black-and-white-magnolia


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